MWC Space

A memoir of an unsympathetic victim

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I used to want my life to imitate art. I had dreams of doing fanciful things, having exotic adventures, living a life full of vibrant colour.

Now, when I look around my home, a shoebox sized barrier against the outside world I had chosen because my former neighbour had turned out to be a serial killer, there was no denying that my life had not turned out the way I had hoped.

I have never had much and there have been many times I have had nothing at all. That is ok, that is the hand you are dealt.


MWC Work

Bucking the trend in my working life

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I went from having an enviable position on paper, I suppose. I had a government job, with average pay. I was not the bottom of the rung, holding what might be considered a lower middle ranking. I benefited from a fair amount of autonomy with no one reporting to me. It was such a good deal that I stayed in that role for over 11-years, despite a lot of background issues, restructures, rationalisations and associated reactive poor management decisions. Most of these were central decisions, rather than local ones, as is often the case in government.

Why leave?

The simple fact of…

MWC Reentry

When opportunity knocked under lockdown

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When the pandemic hit, I was self-employed. I was recording voice overs, camgirling (not easy in your forties), and doing whatever else I could think of within the gig economy to earn a crust. I had quit a so-called good job in London in disgust because I was being treated unjustly by my new manager, who primarily spoke to my chest. I did not feel supported in getting a fair chance so after consulting the union and trying a couple of things to stay where I was, I resigned.

It was a hard decision to make but as I have…

MWC Death

Learning to live with uncomfortable realities

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I had never been particularly worldly or self-assured, and if the truth be told, I had always suspected I would make a terrible wife. Sleeping Beauty had slept for one hundred years. I think that is how the story goes. Only to be awakened by a kiss from a handsome Prince. I had arrived at my thirties, sleep walking through my life. I had no plan, no goals, and my primary hobby was going to the gym, if I wasn’t too hungover. …

Self-improvement, anxiety, mental health

Without having a meltdown

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The way we were

I was facing an uncertain work future when Covid-19 hit.

I was self-employed but had not been self-employed long enough to qualify for any government assistance. I was also the sole breadwinner. I was also vulnerable due to my lifelong respiratory issues. It was a difficult situation for everyone but those were my own particular set of challenges.

I remember feeling overwhelmed at times and having difficulty breathing some evenings. I thought it was something triggering asthma at the time, convinced myself it was Covid-19, but in reality, it was most likely a panic attack. …

History, true crime, historical figure

The ghost of Kitty Canham

Source: Wikimedia Commons

The funeral procession signifying the end of the life of Catherine “Kitty” Canham on 6th July 1752 is the stuff of legend, but let us start at the beginning.

Kitty Canham was born in 1720 to Robert and Judith, who ran a prosperous farm, living in a Tudor manor house known as Beaumont Hall, in the parish of Beaumont-cum-Moze adjoining Thorpe-le-Soken. The only surviving child, Kitty was extraordinarily beautiful and had an array of admirers. Kitty turned down the advances of many men. …

Life, Self, Creativity, Productivity, Society

Learn to tune out the noise and stay sane

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I have had so many people offer up both solicited and unsolicited opinions about different aspects of my life over the decades. It can feel like everyone is the expert on your life at times.

Here are some of my “greatest hits”.

Never resign from a job without finding another one to go to

Ideally, you will have another job lined up. It is called a managed retreat. But, not every working situation is conducive to that. If you are miserable at work, they have not taken your concerns seriously and you have a long commute it might not be possible to line something else up, and staying where you are could…

Feminism, women, society, life, self, misogyny

When misogyny is condoned by society

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I was born and raised in Essex, England. I am neither blonde (bottle or otherwise) or perma-fake-tanned. I have not had nail extensions since 1999 and I don’t do aesthetic treatments beyond waxing and the occasional set of natural looking eyelash extensions. Like a lot of women from Essex, I have had to confront the bad attitude UK society has towards us, and while a level of gentle mocking is possible to shrug off, 20–30 years of it does become tiresome.

In the United Kingdom, the term ‘Essex girl’ has been historically applied to white women in the working class…

Writing, education, life, self

It gets to us all sometimes

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I had to apply for a post-graduate qualification this week 22-years after getting my degree. It should be straightforward but it is not. I had limited non-traditional qualifications due to my background, status/class, health and had just scraped through to get into University. My degree classification was unspectacular due to undiagnosed dyslexia and completing my application made me feel inadequate. I was going to be judged on the qualifications I had attained for the first time in over two decades.

I have never felt envious of young people going to university today.

They have to get everything right the first time. The competition is so great that they are constantly looking to…


I am interested in a lot of things. I am writing a novel. I was longlisted in the Mslexia novel writing competition in 2017. My website is:

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