True crime, gangs, drugs, murder, Essex Boys, Rettendon Murder

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Victim-blaming, victim-shaming, murder, true crime, women

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The Crime

History, England. Coastal, Suffolk, Lowestoft, Beach Village, The Grit, East Anglia

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About Lowestoft, Suffolk, in the United Kingdom

True Crime, Real-life Crime, Serial Killer, Murder, Prostitution

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About Ipswich

One resident, Julie Hyland, was so frustrated at the police’s reluctance to tackle the problem that she had begun to take matters into her own hands, noting down registration…

Aristocracy, true crime, murder, mystery

Source: Wikipedia (images adjusted in Photoshop by author)

Who was Sandra Rivett?

Weather, culture, people, society, lifestyle

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I have never been interested in the weather.

Writing, Novel-Writing, Writing Life, Creativity

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“The scariest moment is always just before you start.”
Stephen King, On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft

Writing, blogging, writing tips

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Views and reads

Top 3: May 2021

1. Rough Justice? Drugs, Murder, and Corruption: The Essex Boys Story


I am interested in a lot of things. I am writing a novel. I was longlisted in the Mslexia novel writing competition in 2017. My website is:

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